Formed in 1994, GK Steel have represented multiple variations on our original logo over our existence. Every year, and each design, has brought something new to the table. Over time these presentations have formed the perception the public has of our company – our brand.

With this in mind, towards the end of 2019 we approached the branding consultancy firm of Fort Hartley to assist us with modernizing and conforming our brand identity and digital footprint into a visual and tangible product that brings across our ethos of “Born to lead, not to follow”.

Their task was to create a look and feel to represent our company to the public, along with corporate guidelines for our brands usage that would align us with the methods used by market leading companies around the world.

As a company, we at GK Steel are fortunate enough to be able to say that 2020 is a year of growth. Our aim for this year is to showcase our brand across South Africa with confidence and grow beyond our borders. In order to do that, we want to ensure we bring the correct message across. We are market leaders.

GK Steel’s new look is a simplified version of our original logo, you will recognize it, but in fact, a lot about it has changed. As they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Which in basic English means that change itself not only calls attention to what is new, but also to what remains the same. As a company, GK Steel remain the same driven, passionate and market forerunners as ever before.

We are still a company that understands our customers come first and that our clients know we are always willing to create solutions that satisfy their needs. We are still GK Steel, and now…we look the part.

The decision to rebrand was honestly not an easy task to fulfill, with a brand comes history. With history comes expectations. And with expectations come hours of contemplation. To consider what a new logo and identity should look like took a lot of time, effort and patience on behalf of all involved. We have learnt first-hand now that an exercise such as this requires teamwork, sharing of skill sets, knowledge, values and ideas. It also helps when a brand consultancy firm truly have your brands best interest at heart and believe in your brands path.

GK Steel is a company of value’s and integrity. We are proud of our new look. We feel it truly represents who we are as a business.

We went with a much simpler design and a logo that makes a statement. Proudly stating our ethos as a company; straight forward, to the point, no frills and thrills, just great business dealings that we take pride in.

This year we are looking at increasing our online presence, we want to attract those customers who in the past have not considered us, those who never knew we were on the map and most importantly, to find those who absolutely need us.

We look forward to what 2020 has in store for us, and we urge you to follow us via our Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and Google Business profiles as we roll out our new marketing initiatives.

Join us for a steel of a time!