When you think of farming what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Rows of crops? Animals in a barn? Bails of hay perhaps? All these things are likely be found on farms but what is often forgotten about is the equipment that makes all these elements possible. From feeding pails to tractors to silos, the metal manufacturing industry is intrinsically linked to the agricultural industry. Modern farming is extremely efficient, mostly thanks to the industrialized nature of the facilities filled with factory-like machines.

How is steel used in the agriculture and farming industry? 

The agriculture industry is becoming increasingly competitive because of the efficiency of the operations. With higher quality metals, agricultural machine manufacturers create more reliable, efficient machines that translate into better farming. Steel is found in a variety of farming equipment including:

  • Storage facilities like barns and silos
  • Harvesting equipment like tractors, grass cutting machinery, hay balers, etc.
  • Greenhouse Construction
  • Livestock management equipment like fencing, feeding pails, milk machines, etc.
  • General operation equipment like forklifts, watering systems, drains, etc.

What’s the advantage of using steel in agriculture and farming?

Agriculture and farming is dirty business; filled with heat, dirt, chemicals, and various harsh elements from the great outdoors. This means that farming equipment is susceptible to being easily corroded, creating a demand for tougher, resilient equipment. This is where steel comes in. Hot-dip galvanized steel provides corrosion protection that can often last for decades, even when exposed to the harsh environment of farming.

Stainless steel is also utilized for its surface properties. With a standard, shiny finish, it makes it particularly easy to clean. Also, in applications like dairy farming, the smooth finish is important because of the need to maintain microbiological quality in the raw milk.

What can NMC provide for agricultural and farming equipment companies?

As an increasingly competitive industry, having the best source for metal fabrication is critical for any agricultural OEM. GK Steel is capable of providing a wide variety of steels including galvanized steel and advanced high-strength steel, as well as steel processing like blanking and pickling, to these manufacturers.

Our experienced team can provide an array of materials with good design, maximum corrosion resistance, and do so with accelerated customer service. Whether you’re looking to build small parts for a milking machine, or large sheets of metal for a grain silo.